FAB – Program

(FAB) - Custom Fabrication

This course will provide you with the training that is necessary to gain employment at custom fabrication stores/shops in your area. It will also help with the companies identified in level one as well. With this course you will gain the experience that is needed to begin your career as a custom fabricator for the mobile electronics industry.

Advanced Fabrication & Kick Panels

(KP-101, ADF-101, ADF-102)
In this program you will be provided training to give you the skills to become an advanced fabricator. You will be learning different tricks and ideas for the uses of kick panels and door panels which are used to enhance the sound quality in vehicles. Kick panels are what many competitors and high fidelity audio enthusiasts use today in their vehicles. We will be studying framing techniques, the method of building kick panels and door panels. The next 11 hours will be spent building your own kick panel using wood, fiber glass and body filler. After near completion you will either texture spray or paint this item. From here you will be learning basic welding techniques of MIG welding, motorization, lighting techniques and polishing plexi glass (acrylic). As you continue you will be studying advanced fiberglass fabrication and related composites such as Polyester Resin, Fiberglass mats, A-Vail™, Duraglass™, Bondo™, Weskore™, Fleece, Various Pigments, Gel Coats, Milled Fibers, Polyester Primers, MEKP and other materials. We will also be discussing paint and body techniques used in our industry. To complete the program, the class will be broken into several small teams. The team will then design and build a team project that would represent a removable fiberglass trunk tub utilizing the skill and techniques they learned throughout our program. This is mostly a hands-on class with the student doing their own projects. Included in tuition are all your shop project materials and text books.

Part 1: (5 Hours of Lecture / 32.5 Hours of Lab / 37.5 Hours Total) (5 Days/37.5 Hours)

Masters Fabrication # 1 – Advanced Fiberglass Shaping

This program consists of the coolest stuff that very few people in our working audio industry know about. We are talking about 2-part foam used in conjunction with polyester and epoxy resins. In this program you will learn how to use, control, and shape 2-part expanding foam. Next you will learn how to fiberglass and mold it into routed panels bringing your project to a semi finished form. Now, you will be instructed on many different materials to finish your project before you complete it with a killer paint job! This project is to teach you how to suspend a monitor or amplifier in mid air in your trunk or in the back of your SUV.
You will learn the fundamental uses of an “Inverted Pin Routers/Pin Wheel Router”. Here you will be instructed on the uses and advantages of “Inverted Pin Routers/Pin Wheel Router” with you again doing your own projects. You will construct a steering wheel using MDF, acrylic, and some finishing compounds. Then moving on to the uses and functions of two-sided transparent tape, “some very cool stuff”. Your project will be finished up using vinyl, suede or other exotic materials.
This program is primarily all hands-on with you keeping the master pieces you build. Included in the tuition are all project materials with one exception, if you desire to finish your project in an exotic material an additional material fee may be required.

Part 2: (8 Hours of Lecture / 29.5 Hours of Lab / 37.5 Hours Total) (5 Days / 37.5 Hours)

Master Fabrication # 2 – Advanced Enclosures Design

In this program you will learn the newest and coolest methods of advanced framing. A properly framed enclosure always adds that additional performance that everybody asks for. This program not only allows you to see these advanced techniques but you will actually be using them yourselves. You will learn and build different bracing components. Your project components will be fabricated on an “Inverted Pin Router/Pin Wheel Router”, “Router Tables” as well as with a hand router and table saw. This program will test your patience but, it’s worth the work!
This program is primarily all hands-on with you keeping the projects you build. Included in the tuition are all project materials.

Part 3: (3 Hours of Lecture / 34.5 Hours of Lab / 37.5 Hours Total) (5 Days / 37.5 Hours)

Master Fabrication # 3 – Metal Design & Fabrication

Metal working is new for our car audio industry. Fabricating trim rings and adding polished metal accents to the interior, enhances your custom fabricated sound system fixtures.
In the past we had to send it out to be fabricated and polished. Now, once you understand the proper techniques, it will give you a great leg up in our industry with added knowledge.
There are some wicked things that you can create with most of the softer metals such as aluminum and brass, using the same equipment that shops already own. By the end of this program you will not only have a great looking trim ring but have a whole new world of techniques and ideas on how to use metals in car audio.
This program is primarily all hands-on with you keeping the projects you build. Included in the tuition are all project materials.

Part 4: (7 Hours of Lecture / 30.5 Hours of Lab / 37.5 Hours Total) (5 Days / 37.5 Hours)


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