Answer: Yes, you can; We also get Installers who want to learn more on certain areas that they might be a little weak in. However for beginners the classes are designed to be taken in order. If you skip sections you may miss valuable information. Also, discounts apply if you take one of our career packages.

Answer: We require that you bring certain tools and if you don’t have them you can purchase them when you get here. We require this only because these particular tools are the bare minimum tools that you need in order to gain employment. We also will be training you on how to properly use them.

Answer: Yes, specially in our (MEI) Mobile Electronics Installation, (CIC) Custom Interior Construction and (MACBO) Master Automobiles Custom Build Outs programs.

Answer: No, our courses start from square one on the basics and takes you all the way through to what you need to know in order to gain employment in this industry. Our hands on training allows you gain the knowledge and expierence needed to be a productive employee.

Answer: Yes, tours can be scheduled anytime from 9am to 5pm Monday thru Friday. All we ask is to give us a call to make sure a represenitive will be available for you.

Answer: Yes, we have housing located right across the street from our institute. There are extended stay hotels in close proximity as well.

Answer: Yes, please see our School Policies section for details. Safety is our primary concern and there are a few rules that are enforced for the safety and comfort of all our students. You are learning how to become a professional so we need to get you to look like one as well.