CIC – Program

(CIC) Custom Interior Construction

This course along with the majority of our other courses require you to have no experience needed to enroll, but will give you all of the knowledge and experience necessary to begin your career in the Custom Interior Construction industry. You will have the ability to go out and work for yourself and contract yourself to either dealerships or to car audio retail / custom fabrication shops. Their are other opportunities in trim shops that will do work for dealerships of cars, trucks, boats and/or RV’s. Your options are dependent on your drive and desire to go out and work. You limit yourself!

This program is designed to be an exciting one month training program.  Instructing the “how to” of tricked out interiors as seen in custom automobiles today.  This program in majority is hands-on and no experience is required.  That is our job.  At the end of the program your knowledge will only be limited by your imagination.

Intro to Sewing

In this course you will learn the basics of sewing, machine operations, tools, materials of the trade, terminology, panel location, a variety of seams and topstitch design techniques.
The first day will be covering machine operations, terminology, seam theory, tools and equipment.  As we continue the following day, measuring and templates for designing a seat pattern will be covered.  Next you spend a great portion of your time on the sewing machine, applying all that you have learned in the class and getting comfortable with the equipment.  The project that you will be making is a seat cushion that will finish this week out.

Part 1: (10 Hours of Lecture / 27.5 Hours of Lab / 37.5 Hours Total) (5 Days / 37.5 Hours)

Seat Design and Construction

In this class you will learn how to tear down a seat, make a cover using the existing patterns, as well as making a cover when no pattern exists. We will also learn basic seat construction, and foam repair,restoration and reconstruction.
The first day is spent breaking down seats and making patterns, for sewing seat covers. Following, there will be a discussion, and then you will build a seat with foam and cover it with one of your own patterns. As you continue, you will learn about covering armrests and headrests as well. Your final project is designing and constructing a bucket or bench seat.

Part 2: (14 Hours of Lecture / 23.5 Hours of Lab / 37.5 Hours Total) (5 Days / 37.5 Hours)

Interior Design and Fabrication

(MS-101, MS-102)
This week you will learn how to design and fabricate custom hot rod door panels, custom carpeting, headliners, sun visors and floor mats. You will learn how to fabricate custom floor mats with binding. When learning about carpeting you will learn about jute padding and installation on various applications. You will learn how to put custom carpet in a vehicle, learn how to properly remove the interior and install padding. You will leave with two of the projects you build( Custom Hot Rod Door Panel and a Custom Floor Mat ). This is a very exciting week!

Part 3: (12 Hours of Lecture / 25.5 hours of Lab / 37.5 Total Hours) (5 Days / 37.5 Hours)

Advanced Custom Interiors

In your final week you will be able to put all of your new skills to the test as well as learning some new techniques. You will learn how to construct and cover motorcycle seats and how to make custom steering wheel covers. You will learn how to work with exotic materials such as ostrich, leather, stingray and alligator. You will also learn how to write effective estimates for customers. In this course youget to take home the motorcycle seat and steering wheel that you cover. At the end of this you will be allowed additional time to finish and or customize the various projects you get to leave with.

Part 4: (10 Hours of Lecture / 27.5 Hours of Lab / 37.5 Total Hours) (5 Days / 37.5 Hours)


Programs start monthly throughout the year.

That means you can get started on a new career right away!

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