MMI – Program

(MMI) Multimedia Installation

Want to take your electronics knowledge and career to the next level?  We now offer an exiting new course in residential and commercial Multimedia electronics (MMI). This course will not only open up new possibilities in your career, but also expand your knowledge from the mobile electronics classes. We will cover wire types, device placement, tools of the industry, system configurations, retrofitting and new construction installation of both residential and commercial systems. The systems include alarms, fire alarms, personal assistance devices, home audio, home theater, whole house audio, home automation, surveillance systems (cameras), access control systems, identity control systems, networking, and phone & cable systems.

With the experience that you will receive from our multimedia course you will be able to install home and commercial security and fire alarm systems, build custom home theaters, install home automation systems, and CCTV surveillance systems. This is a growing field and continues to grow everyday with new advancements in technology. Upon completion of this course you would be able to pursue a career with such companies as Ademco, ADT, Speco Technologies and Home Automation Incorporated. Every single one of the companies just listed are industry leaders and have been in the business for 10 plus years. You would also be able to gain employment for companies like Best Buy, Modia, Tweeter, Circuit City and any other custom home retail shop located in your living area. How far you go in this industry is up to you and your willingness to advance in this field.

Residential Alarms, Fire, Intercoms, Cable, Phones and Personal Assistance.

This course will teach you the basics on home systems installations. We will discuss Codes, Standards, and Regulations of wiring, types of wire, wire pulling, calculations for voltage drops and battery calculations. We will also cover parallel and series circuits, pre-wiring new construction and retrofitting existing construction, types of home installations, intrusion alarms, fire alarms, intercoms, phones, cable and personal assistance systems. We will also cover planning and installing techniques for the industry. There will be about 18 hours of classroom instruction. Then we will move to the shop for hands-on experience in the installation of all of these systems. We will also cover how to draw, read, and make changes to site plans, identify wires, types of construction, and proper drilling techniques. We will install and troubleshoot each of these systems in our lab stations for about 18.5 hours. There will be a one-hour test at the end of this week.

Part 1: (18 Hours of Lecture / 19.5 Hours of Lab / 37.5 Total Hours) (5 Days / 37.5 Hours)

Residential Home Theater, Whole House Audio and Home Automation

Want to make your customers the best on the block?  This course will teach you how to do that. More and more people are staying at home, and they want to be comfortable in their homes. This course will cover the topics of home acoustics, speaker placement, different kinds of surround sound environments, stereo, single source and multi-source distribution, home theater in a living room, and dedicated custom home theater installations. We will also cover home automation or smart home technology including audio distribution, lighting control, security control, access control, monitoring and remote control of home systems. We will also cover multi-room infrared emitters, receivers, and amplifiers. We have a custom home theater room set up for a real world learning experience. This course will have hours of instruction and installation in our custom theater. There will be a one-hour test at the end of the week.

Part 2: (19 Hours of Lecture / 18.5 Hours of Lab / 37.5 Total Hours) (5 Days / 37.5 Hours)

Commercial Intrusion and Fire Alarms


Part 3:  (23.5 Hours of lecture / 14 hours of lab / 37.5 Total Hours)  (5 days / 37.5 hours).

Surveillance Systems (cameras), Access Control Systems, Identity Control Systems, Networking.


Part 4: (10 Hours of Lecture / 27.5 Hours of Lab / 37.5 Total Hours) (5 Days / 37.5 Hours)


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